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Innovative Therapy with Reiki and Hypnosis

Innovative Therapy with Reiki and Hypnosis

Innovative Therapy with Reiki and HypnosisInnovative Therapy with Reiki and HypnosisInnovative Therapy with Reiki and Hypnosis

Shining a light on solutions for difficult times. 


Reiki Energy is Balancing, Calming, Soothing and Transmuting

Six Healing Modalities are Offered:


Virginia's practice works as a complement with traditional medicine, doctor's orders are always reinforced. Virginia's focus is on working to decrease pain, anxiety, depression and trauma. She utilizes Hypnosis, meditation, relaxation techniques and energy therapies such as Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint and IET Advanced energies. Distant Healing sessions can be done via Skype by intention with the person's permission. 

Hypnosis can be used to target anxiety, depression, traumas or fears.  Virginia can bring in the Archangel's Rays Energies and can use her Orb Photos as a tool for healing and relaxation.

Usui Reiki/Tibetan Natural System

The Art of Reiki spread from Japan in the 1930, the founder is the late Mikao Usui. This practice uses life force energy and involves a series of gestures or hand positions. It helps the client with clearing and balancing their chakras, improving body functions, boosting the immune system, relieving negative energy blocks. Client's report seeing a white light. They often have restful sleep and feel that Reiki is a good practice to feel the presence of the Divine.

Karuna Reiki

Developed by William Lee Rand and top healers from the International Center for Reiki Training in the 1990's. This practice is taught only to Reiki Masters, the gestures or symbols offer compassion and mercy to transmute emotional and physical traumas. This practice also helps with protection and manifestation of your desires. Clients report feeling lighter and more optimistic.

Jikiden Reiki

This Reiki practice is said to be the original roots of Reiki.  It was practiced by Dr. Hayashi in the 1930's.  Jikiden means, "direct teaching," "authentic."  It is Japanese in lineage and traditions.  It focuses on the natural cleansing process of the body, the Byosen helps to remove toxins from the body.  It is used to treat acute and chronic conditions in a more hands on manner. Clients report feeling more flexible and lighter.

Seraphim Blueprint

Seraphim's are the Angels that guard the Throne of God the Father in Heaven they are high ranking Angels.  Their energies are intense and specific to assist with aligning mind, body and soul issues. Clients report feeling an energy surge and a release. 

IET Advanced

This modality uses acupressure points to release negative stored emotions. Client's report feeling calm, energized and renewed.


Dolphin Reiki

This system of energy healing clears and cuts negative karma, etheric cords and aligns the client's body, spirit and soul. Crystals and sea shells hold wisdom and energy for humanity.  Come and experience peace and tranquility with the help of these interdimensional Dolphin Pods assigned to me.  Many client's feel as if they are floating and see orbs around them.                                                             

About the Owner: Virginia L. Medina-Lomas, LCSW-R


Virginia is a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker accepting health insurance for only her psychotherapy clients. She is a Spanish speaking Hypnotherapist. She has over 19 years experience working with teenagers and adults.  Helping her clients construct a dream board has been a successful tool to help her clients reach for the stars.

Virginia stated her energy healing studies in 2013.  She is a Reiki Master in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Dolphin Reiki.  Her other trainings includes a crystal healing certification with the effective use of essential oils. Virginia completed training in the Level III Soul Detective.  Her other accomplishments include being a : Level II Practitioner in Jikiden Reiki, Level IV Practitioner in Seraphim Blueprint energies and lastly she is an IET Advanced Practitioner.  Virginia  is known as an effective Distant Reiki Healer.  Her Reiki healing extends to horses and domestic animals by appointment.

Virginia is ordained under the Order of Melchizedek she takes pride in offering spiritual mentoring and has been trained in Spiritual Warfare Techniques.  If you believe in the Holy Trinity and Angels she will strengthen your belief system. Virginia also has the ability to capture with her camera beautiful Orbs and unusual signs and wonders.                            


My Reiki Practice

My Reiki practice incorporates harmonizing sounds, balancing crystals, energy flowing shells, essential oils and silent prayer.  It is a communion with the Divine and His Angels.  I am a clear instrument for release and healing it is an opportunity to be one. Healing comes through forgiveness, grace, mercy and deliverance.  My heart overflows with compassion for my client's journey. 



Orb 5x7 photos includes shipping fee

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These 5x7 Orb Photos are copies of the original untouched digital photos.  Each photo is evidence that the Archangels Rays exist.  Each print comes with a free meditation to use with the photos. Purchase by contacting Virginia directly at:

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Social Work sessions are billed through insurance companies, all other services are a separate bill.

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